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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shell WindEnergy / NedPower flagrantly ignore WV PSC contract terms

Dominion and Shell WindEnergy Inc (owners of the company, NedPower Mount Storm LLC) have announced the first phase of their project - 82 turbines producing 164 megawatts, or enough electricity for 41,000 homes - is under construction at a site near Dominion's Mount Storm Power Station. It is scheduled to begin operation in the fourth quarter of 2007 (see -

Notice this a "nameplate" capacity rating - and typically wind turbines produce only 25% of rating - so that means 10,000 homes in reality - at a cost of 82 turbines @ $2M each = $164M, which is $16,400 per home.

These new 2 MW Gamesa G8x turbines have been built in Spain and shipped 5,000 miles to Mt Storm.

Unfortunately they never had approval for this. Instead the PSC approved use of 1.8 MW turbines.

Of course NedPower is so convinced that the PSC is in love with their project - they never even bothered to notify the PSC on this change of equipment, nor seek their permission, nor consider that these bigger turbines may not meet PSC approval because of the greater impacts they will have environmentally. No doubt Nedpower feel that these new 2 MW units are a valid substitution that does not require authorization or notification to the PSC.

Clearly this is in complete violation of their existing contract and further illustrates that NedPower is a project out of control. A complaint was filed today to the PSC on the damaged caused to 5 miles of public road by NedPower, and further complaints are expected.

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