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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shell WindEnergy / NedPower flagrantly ignore WV PSC contract terms

Dominion and Shell WindEnergy Inc (owners of the company, NedPower Mount Storm LLC) have announced the first phase of their project - 82 turbines producing 164 megawatts, or enough electricity for 41,000 homes - is under construction at a site near Dominion's Mount Storm Power Station. It is scheduled to begin operation in the fourth quarter of 2007 (see -

Notice this a "nameplate" capacity rating - and typically wind turbines produce only 25% of rating - so that means 10,000 homes in reality - at a cost of 82 turbines @ $2M each = $164M, which is $16,400 per home.

These new 2 MW Gamesa G8x turbines have been built in Spain and shipped 5,000 miles to Mt Storm.

Unfortunately they never had approval for this. Instead the PSC approved use of 1.8 MW turbines.

Of course NedPower is so convinced that the PSC is in love with their project - they never even bothered to notify the PSC on this change of equipment, nor seek their permission, nor consider that these bigger turbines may not meet PSC approval because of the greater impacts they will have environmentally. No doubt Nedpower feel that these new 2 MW units are a valid substitution that does not require authorization or notification to the PSC.

Clearly this is in complete violation of their existing contract and further illustrates that NedPower is a project out of control. A complaint was filed today to the PSC on the damaged caused to 5 miles of public road by NedPower, and further complaints are expected.


At 7:43 AM, Blogger KM said...

The figure of 41,000 already accounts for the capacity factor, albeit an inflated one, probably 33%.

The confusion lies in the misleading statement that the turbines will be "producing 164 megawatts", which is of course only their nameplate capacity. The 82 turbines will in fact produce at an average rate well below that, anywhere from 33 MW to 55 MW.

At the latter rate, a year's production would be 481,800 MWh, which may indeed be equivalent to the electricity used by 41,000 homes.

At 10:31 AM, Blogger cmalnick said...

I have camped at Mt. Storm since 1969. It has always been a place of beauty and relaxation. Now the scenic view has been forever tarnished. The windmills are an eyesore that I do not believe is necessary. The power plant is bad enough, but it does supply benifits to the area such as jobs, support industries, warming of the lake for tourist and recreational activities, and power to a much larger area. I do not see the benifits of these windmills. Also, their will be an excess of trafic now similar to people viewing the Thomas windmills which the one lane road leading to the windmills cannot support. It is a shame that it has come to this and some of the most scenic areas for fauna and flora are now damaged.

At 10:41 PM, Blogger ebrainsh said...

Pick the efficiency factor you think the wind turbines will attain. The rest is just basic math.

2MW Turbines

Hours/Year: 8,760
Turbine Availability:.98
Efficiency Factor: ___
Energy production/MW ________
Times 2 (2MW Turbines)
Times # of Turbines: 82
Total MW/Year
Divide by 11,576 (avg. annual HH consumption)

@Turbine 82 Turbines HH/served
25%=4,292 351,977 30,406
30%=5,151 422,372 36,487
33%=5,666 464,609 40,186
36%=6,181 506,847 43,784

At 8:53 PM, Blogger ralph clark said...

I have a cabin on the lake also....I don't like the windmills, (or FANS as I call em')..something causes all this wind up here!, however....there not going to go away no matter what. I figure the gov't has it's teeth sunk into this project and that's it. There here to stay! If you think there just going to shut down 2,3,4, etc.turbines in the winter because of ice buildup, think again. Maybe once or twice to make you think they will comply, but after that, forget it. The company & the gov't DON'T care about a few summer vacation homes when taking into account the whole picture. No, I don't like um' however, I think it's time we let this thing die down for our property value sake.
The less stink us residents make about the windmills the better off were going to be. The house next door to me was appraised for a large sum, and was sold close to it. The new ower is not concerned about the windmills.
So, Jerry, Bruce, I thank you for ALL your effort. You all stood up for all of us who can't be there full time to voice our opinion.
It was a long tough struggle. Now, it's time to fight for a new road!

At 5:53 AM, Blogger DRRW said...

Ralph, you are correct - the shameless handouts to big corporations by Bush Co is responsible. However this country was founded on the principle of the rights of people and preserving the land. At what point do you say - "that's OK - you're the government - nice of you to do all this - ruin the environment - penalize the folks who were trying to make it better - and waste our tax money on projects that do nothing to make the world better - only making it worse (again) for quick corporate profits?". So Ralph - yeah - I'm sick of my government screwing me over too ever chance it gets - but does that mean we should all just go away and play nice, because?


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