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Friday, June 29, 2007

Pendleton County Wind Project Stopped!

The PSC (Public Service Commission) of West ruled against Liberty Gap Windforce in their session of 22'nd day of June, 2007 in their Pendleton county project.

They determined that the application was deficient including the 5-mile Map is inadequate; there was no cultural impact of the project addressed; and the viewshed impact evidence was inadequate.

Issues for which evidence is lacking or otherwise troubling where noted as:
(a) Lack of Sufficient Evidence on Cultural Issues
(b) Insufficient and Conflicting Noise Evidence
(c) Government Concerns with Endangered Bat Species
(d) Failure to Satisfy its Evidentiary Burden Regarding View From Public Places .

The full PSC findings report is here and contains much expert testimony of interest.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Europe questions viability of wind power

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wales Public Official Comments on Wind Power

June 19, 2007 - An open letter sent to the Huntington New states - "We in Wales UK are planning a national ANTI Wind Turbine demonstration on July 8th. This horrendous industry will never ever halt global climate change it will only enrich its developers via the obscene level of subsidies being paid in Europe. Are there such massive subsidies your side of the Atlantic? "

The letter continues giving details on viability of wind power generation compared to actual use patterns and needs.

"Also remember that electricity generation only accounts for one third of our carbon emissions – ONE THOUSAND GIANT WIND TURBINES only save 0.09% of our Carbon emissions and pollution is a global issue. The bulk of Carbon emissions come from vehicle exhausts; aircraft; domestic heating; factory and basic industrial processes."

Public realization of what is being squandered, along with tax payers money in the name of clean power is growing on both sides of the Atlantic. Wales has geography and economy aspects in common with West Virginia; coal mining, mountains and tourism. Clearly they are also realizing that sacrificing mountain locations to wind turbines is not benefiting their local economy and high subsidies to wind industry could be spent instead on local schools and other infrastructure benefits.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WV ruling sends turbine nuisance case back to court

Residents of the Mount Storm area seeking an injunction against the NedPower wind turbine project adjacent to the Dominion Power Plant will have their day in court according to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals decision on Friday.

The high court responded to an appeal by the residents during its LAW Day program in Hampshire County in late April when attorney Richard Neely of Charleston argued on behalf of the residents and Samuel Brock of Charleston argued on behalf of NedPower. Supreme Court Justices Robin Davis, Elliott Maynard, Larry Starcher and Joseph Albright disagreed with Jordan, saying in the opinion, written by Maynard, that the residents were entitled to their day in court on the nuisance complaint and that the original PSC’s ruling only jurisdiction was in siting the project.

Two reports give more details :

Cumberland Times article

Weirton Daily Times article

Residents will now get a chance to show the huge nuisance created in the area by the impact of the project and its construction that has already modified roads, tore up landscape and modified watershed, views and access during the pre-construction work currently underway.

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