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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Nedpower attempts to dismiss Rep. Mollohan comments to WV PSC

Rep. Alan Mollohan says he wants the state Public Service Commission to look more carefully into the potential environmental impact of windmills proposed by companies like NedPower Mount Storm and Shell WindEnergy Inc - the Sunday Charleston Gazette reports.

In response NedPower is attempting to brush aside Mollohan and dismisses his comments as not relevant to their case in the Mt Storm project.

Quite rightly Mollohan is taking NedPower to task for their high-handed attitude. West Virginia clearly deserves much better than the "service" it is receiving from NedPower now that the inadequacies of their research are being exposed.

How much will West Virginia benefit from this project? Of the $300M allocated only 8% will be spent in West Virginia! The huge bulk of the money is being spent in Pennsylvania and Spain to purchase the turbines and technology for the wind farm. And of course Shell WindEnergy has a part stake in the Spanish company that is developing the Pennsylvania production facilities.

Rep. Mollohan is exactly right here in questioning the whole premise and approach. Those $300M in funding could be much better purposed to develop alternative energy sources that are 100% built, produced and supported in West Virginia.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Conference on wind turbine impacts in Allegheny Highlands

This conference in December 2006 featured presentations by wildlife and environmental experts from around the region. The details of raptor counts, migration paths, song birds and bat populations and potential impacts is frankly comprehensive.

One example is this report on raptor and song bird migration paths and impacts.

This level of research and analysis is being singularly ignored by the wind turbine industry who attempt to downplay its significance - or even dismiss it with "what are a few bird extinctions in the bigger scheme of things?". Unfortunately for the wind turbine industry - their track record on environmental issues reveals that their main concerns are profits and their "green" credentials are a thin veneer.

American Spectator - Tilting at Wind Energy

The Specator February article seriously doubts the claims around wind energy - and concludes "At bottom, wind is still a medieval technology".

The summary states - "Perhaps the best that can be hoped for, then, is that wind can provide the spinning reserve required for all grids. It is not surprising to find countries like Denmark and Germany topping out at 20 percent. That is the point where spinning reserve ends and base-load responsibilities begin."

And even then - vaguries of wind patterns are at odds with demand - such as during peak hot summer days - when very little wind is available.

For more in-depth issues and analysis - including environmental concerns and impacts - see the article.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Considering the Rationale for Industry Wind Farms in 2007

This report and discussion brings up to date the real reasons behind the subsidies to wind farm projects, and surprisingly it has nothing to do with the generation of clean electricity!


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