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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wind farm projects in USA - who gets the money?

As we have seen with the Mt Storm project - the money spent on turbines and then the revenues from the electricity often follows unexpected paths. And the use of LLC company shells for all these projects prevents any recourse.

Once again Gamesan is cited in this Washington Post article - and the four Senators would do well to study existing projects when drafting regulations to ensure that stimulus dollars are not ultimately being syphoned off to overseas concerns. Percentage construction quotas need to be wary of "assembled in USA" labels where in fact the components are manufactored elsewhere and the actual amount of "assembling" amounts to just unpacking shipping crates and repackaging for final delivery as has happened in the car industry.

In the Mt Storm case revenues from the project are going to pay the loan underwritten by Venezuela and a South American banking consortium. Again this is very easy scenario to see reoccurring once a project secures stimulus funding and can then secure immediate loan credits with kick backs to the parent company.

In West Virginia's case we see that the opportunity to create local manufacturing jobs is lost to neighboring States, and then even the electricity revenue is going elsewhere! Truly a lose-lose scenario for the priviledge of having your landscape dotted with other peoples wind turbines!


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