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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Europe questions viability of wind power

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wales Public Official Comments on Wind Power

June 19, 2007 - An open letter sent to the Huntington New states - "We in Wales UK are planning a national ANTI Wind Turbine demonstration on July 8th. This horrendous industry will never ever halt global climate change it will only enrich its developers via the obscene level of subsidies being paid in Europe. Are there such massive subsidies your side of the Atlantic? "

The letter continues giving details on viability of wind power generation compared to actual use patterns and needs.

"Also remember that electricity generation only accounts for one third of our carbon emissions – ONE THOUSAND GIANT WIND TURBINES only save 0.09% of our Carbon emissions and pollution is a global issue. The bulk of Carbon emissions come from vehicle exhausts; aircraft; domestic heating; factory and basic industrial processes."

Public realization of what is being squandered, along with tax payers money in the name of clean power is growing on both sides of the Atlantic. Wales has geography and economy aspects in common with West Virginia; coal mining, mountains and tourism. Clearly they are also realizing that sacrificing mountain locations to wind turbines is not benefiting their local economy and high subsidies to wind industry could be spent instead on local schools and other infrastructure benefits.


At 4:58 AM, Blogger Philippa said...

I agree that wind farms should be limited and that we need to protect areas of outstanding natural beauty. However, it is important that we tackle the carbon emission problem. Urban installations of turbines is surely a more advanced step in the right direction and could also be used as an educational tool in schools. Check out this verticle axis wind turbine company -
They're on to something...


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