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Monday, July 23, 2007

Gamesa Turbines found to have misled public with claims

Gamesa, makers of the same Spanish turbines installed on the Mt Storm project have come under fire for their claims in the UK. The Advertising Standards Agency has upheld the complaint against the company intending to install a wind farm on land above Shap, just outside the Lake District National Park. The ASA felt the claims made by Gamesa Energy UK about the amount of electricity that would be generated were misleading and the complaint was upheld.

The compliant upheld reflected the statement by the local committee opposing the project: "Gamesa have misled residents on at least two vital issues: They have implied that our local council will benefit financially from their plans, and they have incorrectly cited as fact figures relating to carbon emission savings and electricity production. The figures are almost irrelevant; the message here is that we cannot believe what we are told by a company seeking to profit at the expense of our landscape and our economy".

Sadly this is a familiar story; promise much, deliver little.


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