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Friday, July 06, 2007

Nedpower Destroys 5 Miles of State Road

Nedpower and its contractor - Mortenson Construction have wilfully driven heavy vehicles and tracked construction equipment on five miles of the state GrassRidge road - leading to its destruction.

Huge lengths of the road are now just bare dirt and gravel, with the remaining surface showing severe cracking and crumbling which with further ice and freeze this winter will simply remove that as well.

These 50 photographs show the extent of the damage. They are taken at roughly 100yd to 200yd intervals along the whole road - for its entire length - so there simply is not a section of the road that has not been damaged. Safety is also a major factor. The road is not marked as hazardous, but many sections are now only passable at 5mph. Also many people are driving on the only remaining tarmac thus restricting the width to just one-lane. Gravel chips are a significant hazard for people checking their mailboxes and for car windshields.

Nedpower boasted to the WV PSC that - "we will be a good neighbor in Grant County", and Mortenson construction boasts "Integrity" in their corporate catch-phrase. Clearly these are just empty terms and their modus operadi shows their true corporate culture - profits ahead of everything.

The state transportation and road department needs to immediately issue an injunction against Nedpower and Mortenson to prevent their further use of the road. Also - the State needs to take court action to recover the costs of replacing the road.


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