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Saturday, July 09, 2005

What the wind industry does not want you to know about

The old style Dutch and Danish upright wind turbine, up to 450ft high begs the question "Why?!"

Of course racks of smaller turbines is an alternative. Basically if you look at the mass of air moving across an open field, or block of water, how do you capture the most energy from out of it safely?

Clearly today the approach is akin to trying to hold water in a sieve. A very tall and expensive sieve, at about $1.5M each.

So why would anyone want to replace those with cheap small turbines that cost just a tiny fraction of $1.5M each? Of course they don't want to do that; what are you thinking?!? Then everyone would realize what albatrosses these 450ft high turbine towers really are! Better to wait till those are erected, then we can get more money to tear them down and dispose of them.

Not to mention if you can build a $10k solution instead of a $1.5M solution, where are all those windfall tax avoidance profits going to come from?

Check out this website for details on small is beautiful:

Coupled with this is the need to deploy windpower at point of use on a scale that makes sense. What if a company like Carrier was a major distributor of windpower solutions, like they install and service airconditioners today?

And windpower itself is not a single magic bullet, it needs to be integrated into a holistic approach to save energy, create better more efficient systems, and to leverage cultural and environmentally suited alternatives.

This is the message also supported by no less a figure than James Lovelock (of Gaia theory fame), see:


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