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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Top Ten Myths About Wind Turbine Projects

This site has much to commend it - but this particular link has an excellent analysis of hazards and issues with wind mining.

These all particularly apply to the Nedpower wind mining project at Mount Storm. This is a clear cut of 14 miles long and half a mile wide across the top of the mountain chain, and erecting 200 turbines in groups of three along the backbone of the Allegheny Front. Each turbine is over 350ft tall.

I just returned from spending July 4th weekend at Mt Storm. Reading Jon Boone's notes on the bird and bat hazards I made the horrific realization that due to the prevailing weather conditions on Mount Storm these huge turbines will often be shrouded in low cloud making them even more dangerous to wildlife that simply will not be able to see them at all.

What species will be effected? Well these past two years on Mount Storm I personally have seen a breeding pair of osprey, then eagles, hawks, ravens, blue birds, long-eared and short-eared bats all within 500 yards of where turbines are to be located.

For sure the wind mining project will kill these animals in significant numbers. The study by the University of Maryland at Frostburg on the existing Parsons,WV wind mine turbines has already shown that to be a fact.

Learn more on the ten myths from this link:


At 9:45 AM, Blogger NMG said...

This should be on the “top ten essential reading list” for everyone involved with wind power-pro or con.


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