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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Bat Death Research in Allegheny Ridge Top sites

“It was at least as high and it occurred at two locations and they are both forested ridgetops. We don’t know any forested ridgetops with turbines in North America where we don’t have a problem.” These findings suggest that any wind farm built on a forested ridgetop, such as two Grant County, WVa projects already approved by the state Public Service Commission, would be likely to kill large numbers of bats".

“If I were an investor and wanted to keep my green image intact, I would be deeply concerned about building turbines on forested ridgetops,” Tuttle said.

Wildlife and industry people have learned only recently about the problems wind turbines pose to bats.“It was definitely a surprise to us,” said Tom Gray, deputy director of the American Wind Energy Association, the industry’s main trade group. “It was upsetting.”

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