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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Comprehensive UK Commission report of Wind Farms onshore

This site and comprehensive reports just published from the UK on wind power provide the best information I have found yet.

It addresses areas I have not seen called out in detail on noise, and visual impact and telecommunications, along with case studies and how problems have been remediated - and it has been authoritatively peer-reviewed.

The one area of concern for us in the US is that of bat impacts - and this is highly specific to the mountain habitat in the USA where the planned Allegheny sites are.

The report offers little in the way of direct solutions for bats, but does talk about bat impacts and factors that are important in considering locations in regard to bat habitat.

Overall the report provides excellent data that can be used to ensure a whole range of other factors are required for projects here in the USA - that currently are not meeting these minimums.

Most telling from all this is the statement in the report that highlights that successful wind farm projects are those that involve the local community throughout the decision and planning process. That has been sadly lacking here in the USA in West Virginiaa to date.

The main report is here:


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