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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Gale halts wind power in Idaho

Testimony by John R. Gale Idaho Power Company's Vice President of Regulatory affairs -

points up that grid power suppliers do not have the required ancillary equipment to mitigate fluctuations in wind power delivery. Consequently they cannot effectively use the power fed to them, and thus cannot recoup the costs they are being required to pay to wind energy suppliers.

In case people underestimate the impact of this problem - the experience in Denmark (one of the worlds leaders in wind power use) is sobering indeed:
and shows the potential scale of the issues on a countrywide basis.

The Denmark Eltra distribution agency even has this as an online realtime map with read outs on MWh:
and have developed regulations and models for intergating wind turbine power:

Consequently Idaho Power is seeking to suspend their obligation, with support from the Bush Whitehouse in this matter too:

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission will hear oral arguments July 22 on Idaho Power Company s petition to temporarily suspend the company s federal obligation to buy wind power from independent developers of qualifying small-scale wind projects. Avista Utilities, headquartered in Spokane, and serving customers in northern Idaho, filed comments in support of Idaho Power's petition and asked that the temporary suspension apply to it as well.

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