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Friday, September 29, 2006

Nedpower / Shell Wind USA ignore halt-work order in WVA

Despite being under court sanction with a pending court case hearing Nedpower are proceeding anyway with construction on Grassy Ridge Road and adjacent areas.

Work that is in-progress includes clearing new roads and surfacing with gravel; road widening and straighting of existing public access roads; disposal of cleared brush wood; building of dirt walls and preparation of turbine sites and moving in of heavy equipment.

Obviously Nedpower are so fully convinced they are about to get the stay order against them removed that they are jumping the gun by a couple of weeks and getting on with construction.

Shame that they hold the courts in West Virginia in such low regard. But one can understand why. So far they have been able to trample pretty much unfettered and unhindered across West Virginia with both this project and new ones they now are undertaking. Skirting regulations and indulging in sharp practices that avoid the spirit of laws. Taking local officials into their pockets and using dozens of city lawyers to block any moves against them.

It's time to reel these people in and make them realize they do not have carte blanche to tear up the land in West Virginia with their speculative projects. All citizens - irrespective of their views on the issues - should be very alarmed at the cavalier attitude of these people behind Nedpower who are masterminding all this from the corporate offices outside Washington DC in N.Virginia.


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