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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Decoding the Presidents Oil-Speak

Even the President is now getting in on the Green thought process. However, clearly there are ends of the spectrum here - from people like Bush - who want to do some peripheral pruning and trimming, to the other end where people want a complete paradigm shift in life style.

America of course has been constructed around the priniciple of cheap power sources. The notion of clean and environmentally sustainable and now new requirements that are being inserted into the equation.

People toss in the term "wind, solar, biofuel, technology" but again without due thought to the real capability and impact. In our case wind power can be just as disruptive and environmentally unfriendly as any other type of industrial development project. Getting the right balance is the key need.

RAN as ever continue to provide thought leadership on clean and truely friendly alternatives.


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