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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mt Storm Lake Residents file law suit

Residents whose property is adjacent to the Nedpower / Shell Wind project lines have filed a law suit earlier in December to block construction in the project.

Once again we are seeing the realization that large scale wind projects in on-shore locations are just deeply flawed from all aspects.

1) They do not provide any significant measurable positive amount of net energy when offset against the actual construction costs, materials and maintenance and support - especially given costs of deploying to severe mountain top locations.

2) The impact on the fauna in sensitive fragile environments is clearly non-trivial and consequently the argued for environmental benefits have to be set against negative impacts on at risk populations.

3) It is hard to pretend that mountain top wind power is anything more than a fad, a cool toy, propped up by government subsidies and oil company political PR machinery. To replace one traditional power station would take 300 sq miles of current wind turbines. (300 sq miles of sustainable tree growth can power several medium sized traditional power stations).

4) Local communities do not garner significant benefits as wind project advocates would wish. Quite the reverse - the community has extended exposure and likely to be faced with clean-up of defunct behemoth wind turbines within twenty years.

The Friends of Blackwater Committee are accepting donations toward the legal costs of preventing the construction of these ill-conceived and ill-fated wind turbine farms in fragile mountain environments in West Virginia.

Contributions should be urgently mailed to:

Citizens for Responsible Wind Power
P.O. Box 4405
Star City,
WV 26504


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