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Monday, May 23, 2005

Information about Wind turbine power

Wind power. Everything you wanted to know about wind power but had no clue how to find it..

Ecological footprint

a.. The construction of a large facility is also far from ecologically benign in previously undeveloped locations. It requires wide straight flat roads, a large hole filled with tons of steel and concrete to secure each giant assembly, clearing of trees in wooded areas, a transformer for each turbine, and power lines. The clearing of trees is necessary since obstructions within a distance ten times the height of the turbine reduceyield dramatically. A distance of twenty times is preferred.

a.. A wind farm that produces the energy equivalent of a conventional power plant would have to cover an area of approximately 300 square miles.

a.. Siting them offshore can address these objections in some cases, while raising other issues, such as dangers to navigation and the possible adverseeffect of low-frequency vibration on aquatic mammals.

a.. Another important complaint is that windmills kill too many birds, especially birds of prey, and bats. Siting generally takes into account bird flight patterns, but most paths of bird migration, particularly for birds that fly by night, are unknown. A survey at Altamont Pass, California conducted by a California Energy Commission in 2004 showed that turbines killed 4,700 birds annually (1,300 of which are birds of prey). The numbers of bats killed by existing facilities has surprised even industry personnel.


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